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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gambar - Kitaran IUCD (alat pencegah kehamilan)

Age 25 – Entire Cycle, IUD

These cervical photos are from a 25 years old woman who has never given birth. She has a copper Paraguard IUD which was placed inside her uterus about a year ago. This is not a hormonal form of birth control, so she ovulates, which you can tell from the changes in her discharge. You can see the strings of the IUD protruding through the os in the photos. The IUD sometimes causes her occasional cramps or heavier bleeding.

Her cycle has been somewhat erratic since she stopped birth control pills about a year ago. Before she went on birth control pills (sometime in her late teens) she was fairly regular with cycles about every 30 days or so. She has always had normal pap smears.

The notes about each day are below each picture.

Day 1
Minor cramps
Moderate flow

Day 2
More bleeding
No cramps
Used a tampon today

Day 3
Used a tampon today

Day 4
Feeling good
Moderate Bleeding
Used a pad today

Day 5
Light Flow
Used a Diva cup
More tired today

Day 6
Feeling well
Partner/photographer says cervix is deeper in the vagina today

Day 7
Minimal spotting

Day 8
White/yellow scant discharge with no odor

Day 9
Feeling well
No discharge

Day 10
Had sex 10 hours before photo was taken

Day 11
Some milky discharge at end of the day

Day 12
Slight amount of white discharge

Day 14
Day 15

Day 17
Watery discharge

Day 18
Cervical fluid is eggwhite consistency

Day 19
Cervix appears lower in vagina today

Day 20

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

Day 24

Day 25

Day 26

Day 27
A few minutes of very heavy pressure in vagina, some pain, then tingling for about 5 minutes

Day 28
One minute in morning of feeling pressure and crampy like yesterday morning, otherwise normal
Slightly fishy vaginal odor

Day 29
One pang of crampy pain today

Day 30

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